CleanLikePros was founded in Tom's River, New Jersey, The company was established in 1962 as Eastern Institutional Supply Company (EISCO®) by Howard and Anise Singer.

The company has had a clear mission from day one: serve and supply clients with high quality professional cleaning products and equipment at fair value pricing. Over the years, EISCO now called CleanLikePros, has serviced many areas including: schools, nursing homes, hospitals, religious and commercial institutions, hotels and even gaming casinos.

Brad Singer, Howard and Anise's son, joined the company in 1991 as Vice President. Brad has been instrumental in developing three new areas of business for the company. These are the gaming/casino industry, food service chains and most recently school and professional sports.

In 1993, the company secured its first professional sports team account when the Philadelphia Phillies requested a product that could remove blood and grass stains from uniforms. It worked so well that the same team asked the company to develop a product to get stubborn pine tar stains off their helmets and uniforms.

As the demand for sports cleaning products has grown, the company branded products under the name Clubhouse Kit. Today, the company sells to all of Major League Baseball and is becoming a strong presence in the minor leagues, Major League Soccer, colleges and universities across the country. These products have saved parents and school and professional teams a great deal of money in uniform and equipment replacements.

Brad also sees a bright future in developing the other two newer markets for CleanLikePros which are the gaming/casino industry and food service chains.

For business, sports, or home, we are professionals who treat you like professionals. CleanLikePros — The Cleaning Products & Equipment The Pros Use.

As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions on our products. Our phone number is 800 553 4726 or write to Brad Singer at bradsinger@cleanlikepros.com.

For business, sports, or home, we are professionals who treat you like professionals. And we have been serving you in this manner since we began in business in 1962.